Discover the magnificent hidden charms of the Netherlands

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Join me on a fun journey exploring the cities of Rotterdam, The Hague, and picturesque Kinderdijk in the Netherlands.

This travel vlog about the Netherlands is filled with rich experiences, from amazing modern architecture to cultural gems and historical landmarks.

Come along as we uncover the essence of these Dutch treasures, giving you a glimpse into the unique charm that each destination holds.

Exploring Landmarks & Architecture in the Netherlands

Let’s explore the iconic landmarks that adorn the skylines of Rotterdam and The Hague.

Be amazed by the architectural brilliance of the Erasmus Bridge, the distinctive Cube Houses, and the Remastered digital exhibition in Rotterdam, leaving you truly inspired.

The Cube Houses, or “Kubuswoningen” in Dutch, are a unique and famous architectural design in the Netherlands.

Dutch architect Piet Blom created them, and they were completed in the late 1970s.

These houses are part of the Blaakse Bos residential development and are recognized as one of Rotterdam’s most iconic landmarks.

The key features of the houses include their distinctive design, modular living spaces, interior challenges, and their role as an urban experiment.

The Remastered exhibition offers a 60-minute tour showcasing digital art by Dutch artists.

It provides not only entertaining content but also presents artsy and intelligent works.

Our journey also takes us to the historic Peace Palace in The Hague, a political hub pulsating with centuries of captivating history.

Each structure has a story, a narrative intricately woven into the fabric of Dutch culture and innovation.

Outdoor Adventures and Activities

Explore the serene Kinderdijk walking trails, offering a peaceful getaway surrounded by iconic windmills, allowing you to connect with nature.

The windmills in Kinderdijk were essential for stopping floods.

Placed strategically, they controlled water levels and drainage, making sure the land stayed livable and good for farming.

Additionally, witness the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks in the Netherlands.

The country has a vibrant cultural history of welcoming the new year with lively fireworks displays, reflecting the Dutch love for festivities and community celebrations.

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, cities and towns across the Netherlands illuminate with dazzling firework shows.

Individuals also contribute to the festivities by setting off their fireworks, creating a vibrant display that fills the night sky.

Overall, the tradition of fireworks in the Netherlands is a joyous and communal way to mark the transition from the old to the new.

Exploring Landmarks & Architecture in the Netherlands

Feel the lively pulse of Dutch celebratory spirit through bustling festivals and events.

Wander the streets adorned with captivating street art and graffiti, creating a visual feast for culture connoisseurs.

Join us in savouring local cuisine, with a special mention of Markthal for its delightful food scenery, embarking on a gastronomic journey through the heart of Dutch flavours and culinary traditions.

Markthal is a symbol of modern development in Rotterdam, blending homes with a lively food market in a contemporary design.

Visitors enjoy diverse food and appreciate the unique architecture, making it a must-visit spot.

Ukrainian ballet is famous for its rich tradition, blending classical techniques with expressive storytelling.

Many talented Ukrainian ballet dancers and choreographers have gained international acclaim.

The country’s ballet companies regularly showcase a mix of classical and contemporary performances.

My trip concludes with a mesmerising Ukrainian ballet show in Amare a cultural complex in Den Haag.

Making this city a vibrant and artsy place to be in the Netherlands

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